Getting Started

There are a few things we'll need from
you to build a great partnership!


What are the goals for you and your business Why do you want a strong web presence? We need to know what your goals are to set a clear target for success.



You ready to make the time to tell us your story. You appreciate our questions so we can zoom in on what you need. You'll put the time in for follow-ups and health checks so we can make great progress together!



You understand you're making an investment for your business. Your web presence is key and you have a budget dedicated to your site. We don't push services you don't need, why waste time?

The Process, Getting From A to Z

To visualize how we go from an initial meeting to launching a website, here are the building blocks that get us from A to Z.

The Intro

We'll ask you where you are with your digital presence. If you have a website, why do you want a redesign. If you don't have a website, what do you expect to get out of one? It's important that we dig deep and ask you the right questions that establish not just the big picture but details on what is important to you and your business goals.


Map to Demo

We'll map out a site structure that lays out what we'll build, how we'll use content and the features we want to include. It's when we do more follow-up and answer questions.

We'll build a demo to show you how your site map translates to a visual interactive website. This version is the framework of your site. You'll see how content will break out and we'll have an opportunity to review the look and feel of your website.


Based on our initial conversations, we'll do further research and develop a plan to get you moving towards your goals. We'll look at the best site structure that lays out your online business presence, look at we'll use content, and the features your website requires.




After passing through the demo phase, additional discussions and building out your website, your site goes live! We'll monitor performance, and based on your needs give you the training you need to keep your site current. Or, we'll take care of that for you with our Care Plan.