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DigPop! Digital takes their power in operations and the digital world to help business owners "get online." All we need is your story.

DigPop! Digital Services

Web Presence

Lots of small business owners say, “I don’t know how to get online”. It usually means they don’t know how to get a website started. After that they can’t get their head around SEO, social media, content marketing and get overwhelmed. We have an eye for what you need.


We specialize in building WordPress sites for our clients. We’ll customize templates, choose the right plug-ins and make sure you understand the difference between a Page and a Post. You’ll have simple documentation that will help you manage your awesome new site.

Copywriting and Research

You know your business, we know how to put words together. We research your competitors, your market, your product. We get to know who you are and what your business means to you and your customers. We take the time to listen, and help you get the words out.

Social Media Strategy

Twitter? Facebook? LinkedIn? Pinterest? Instagram? No, you don’t have to use every social media platform to get your presence out there. We’ll help you find your way through the social media jungle.

Care Plans and Support

We won’t leave you high and dry once your site is launched. Websites need maintenance, updates, new content and new products added. We’ll help you keep the momentum while you focus on running your business. We offer care plans that will meet our needs.

Operations and Best Practices

We’re geeks and we love processes – the kind that make life easier. How efficient are your IT operations? We can advise you from help desk support, project management to change, incident and problem management.